The Amp Watch Boost™

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About The Amp Watch Boost™

The all new Amp Watch Boost charges your Apple Watch on the go without any wires needed.

Never let your Apple Watch die on the go again, just strap the Watch Boost to your backpack or purse and always have peace of mind your Apple Watch will be charged.

Why is this technology the best?

This new technology is called "Flash Charging". Flash Charging can charge your watch up to 5x times faster than a normal wireless charger. Not only is this technology extremely fast, it is 100% safe for your devices!

Universal Compatibility:

Apple Watch Series 1, 2, 3, and 4 supported.

How many times will this charge my watch?
The Amp Watch Boost will charge your Apple Watch approximately 2 additional battery lives.

Is this safe for my watch?
Yes, the Amp Watch Boost™ Charger uses the standard Qi charging protocol your device is designed to use and will auto shut off when your devices are fully charged.

Here at Amp, we have engineered the Watch Boost from the ground up.

Most companies overlook the little things. That's quite the opposite approach here at Amp. We wanted your Amp Watch Boost™ to make you happy.

It's all about the little things when it comes to Amp Mobile.

High Electrical Performance:

The Amp Watch Boost™ operates at high electrical capabilities while remaining cool and at a low temperature.